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Hey Guys,
Well I am going to try and Blog, hhaha

I wanted to share a few thoughts and keep you up to date on why my page has been so dead lately.

This year has been a bit weird for me. When I came back from SDCC  (San Diego Comic Con) this year is was pumped out of my mind with so many ideas and concepts and things I wanted to create. I had visuals in my head for all the posters I would love to draw and things that I wanted to get down with my paints. But for some reason, and I'm not sure why, I have not actually done much at all.

Everyone knows that there are two reactions to SDCC when it comes to being an artist, It either motivates you to go to new levels and try new things or many times it crushes you with a reality hit of where your work currently ranks in the talents of such an amazing show. I'll admit, when I first started going many times I would feel like I didn't belong, but that's not the case this time at all. The last few years I come home ready to go and can't wait to start kicking stuff out. With new jobs and projects I was always excited to get home. This year making what I thought would be the most amazing contacts I had ever made I couldn't have been more excited. I was thumb-nailing on the plane back just so I wouldn't forget the ideas I had.

So what happened? I have not idea. I just never did a thing and I look back in shock to realize that I haven't produced much at all since I got back in July. I have done a some small projects to keep me going and an Poe Piece (Which I'm still waiting on a green light to post by the publisher), but that's it. I'd like to think that life has just been busy and that I've had not time but I think that's just an excuse honestly. Some how I have found the time to play online games (Yes I COD so?).
When I think about it though, I have had so much going on that maybe it's not my fault. With my recent wedding in November a lot of time was consumed, then with family in town and so on and obviously my semester teaching a couple classes this year I have had my days full from 7am - 8pm 4 nights a week and Fridays 7am-5pm. My weekends trying to get everything done that I could not throughout the week have turned into somewhat work like days with a mission of tasks that I need to accomplish. So yeah, I've been busy, but the reality is that when I have something I want to do like go to the range and shoot, I just make it happen. So, what's the deal.....

I think I need to find a way to add some energy into my system. Working so long during the day and afternoon I find that by the time I get home all I want to to is vegitate and spend the few remaining hours of my day with my family. I have a beautiful little sassy girl who is a real handful and a tiny mini man who runs around like crazy and they are a Ton of fun, but wow, It can definitely be a roller-coaster of emotions. My wife is amazing thought, I honestly don't know how I would survive without her. She does Everything for me yet I find myself falling asleep on my living room floor by around 10pm from just being worn out. So realistically I get home around 8:30 and get a whole hour and a half before we are all sleeping.

Now, with my uncle (wife's uncle) coming over to help us fix the basement and finish it, I think my art studio will make me want to be down there again. You see, I lost my studio (third bedroom) to my new little man two years ago as his nursery and I noticed a HUGE drop in my productivity once I was down in the basement. Or maybe I need to turn of the STARZ and HBO of my TV and that will help. HAHAHA

Well who knows, But my plan is to start kicking ass and get a lot of these pieces done that I have been working on and get them up on this page.

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LaurenKitsune Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Everyone goes through funks like that. You can get yourself out! One you turn on the faucet, it's hard to turn it off!
AlexBuechel Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah. I think once the semester is over and I start getting home earlier I will get back into a good vibe to work
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Submitted on
December 10, 2013